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Rescued Pit Bull is Addicted to Cuddling

Rexy’s Fate was Uncertain, but She’s Found the Perfect Home and Loves Being the Big Spoon A video of Rexy was posted online because she was on the verge of being euthanized due to a bad skin condition. Jessic Hauck saw the video, rushed to the shelter and committed to foster her until a suitable […]

Our Favorite Pet Products at Global Pet Expo 2019

Global Pet Expo takes place every year at the Orange County Convention Center and had 1,164 vendors registered and 3,524 booths sold. This was their biggest show to date with at 45,000 square feet of show floor. On the first day, we walked from end to end, which was half a mile and during the […]

10 Adoptable Pups from Humane Society Tampa Bay

Each week, Mary and I will be volunteering at Humane Society Tampa Bay to take adoption photos. We recently started using a different color, Blue Jean, for our backdrop. The new color with help denote when a pet is adoptable vs a client’s pet. We’ll still be using our signature gray for those. You can […]

Who Owns the Rights to Your Pet’s AGoldPhoto?

We’re often asked what your pet’s AGoldPhoto can and cannot be used for. This post hopefully makes what the uses are clear.  The quick answer to the “Who owns the photo?” question is, we do, as the photographer. With that said, we do allow certain uses of the photos as well. In previous research on […]

Pet Photography Couple Finds Love and Gets Married

When you find something to do that you’re passionate about, it’s not work! When you meet someone while doing what you’re passionate about, it’s meant to be!  When you find that special person, you know right away that you’re going to spend the rest of your life together. This is the the story of how […]