A photo is worth 1,000 words and could save a life. 

With the help of social media, shelter pets have a better chance than ever to find their forever home. While getting that perfect photo of a shelter pet isn’t easy, we’d like to provide a few tips to help.

We were invited by Best Friends Animal Society’s Atlanta Life Saving Center in to host a Facebook Live to teach some smartphone photography tips.

We got to the Center an hour before we were set to go live and got to meet some of the dogs in their kennel area. One of the pups we met was Ice Cream. She didn’t bark at us through her kennel and she even gave us a tail wag or two.

We took the below photo of her to show what not to do. The cage, cement floor and bad lighting is not going to get Ice Cream extra attention online.

The lighting inside her kennel was dim and didn’t do her brindle coloring and beautiful eyes any justice.

When trying to get a better photo of a shelter pet with a phone, our first tip is to go outside. The lighting and the overall environment will be a big improvement. We suggest avoiding cages, bars and cement walls as well.

You can see how we got the below photo of Ice Cream and our other shelter pet photo tips on the Facebook Live.