Today at Apple Photo Lab Recap

Today at Apple Photo Lab Recap

After 5 months of preparation, our first Today at Apple Photo Lab is in the books. The team at Apple invited us to their new Carnegie Library location to host a Photo Lab.

“This is Apple’s most extensive historic restoration project to date, restoring and revitalizing the Beaux-Arts style building once home to Washington, D.C.’s Central Public Library. Originally funded by Andrew Carnegie and opened in 1903, the library will once again be a center for learning, discovery and creativity for the community, keeping with Carnegie’s vision of a public and free space for all.”

This location is a Global Flagship Store and and they host what they call, Today at Apple, with artists and creators from all over. The sessions are free to attend and help attendees learn, create and do more with the Apple products they love.

We were invited to share our story, mission and teach dog owners how to use their iPhones to get better photos of their pets. We created a Keynote presentation and got to present it on a 25 foot wide video wall.

We arrived an hour early to meet the team, go over last minute details and get set up with our microphones.

We poked our heads out of the green room before the crowd arrived and had a moment to take it all in.

A friend of ours snapped this photo right before we started with the crowd. It was standing room only! 75 people signed up for the session online and roughly 50 attended, which is a great audience size.

We loved sharing the story of how we met and included a photo of our dogs, Rigby and Bee, who we also had at our wedding.

Black dogs can be hard to photograph without the proper lighting. Below is a Before and After adoption photo from a recent photo session at Humane Society Tampa Bay.

AGoldPhoto was born from these adoption photos and we never intended it to be a company or a full-time job. You can read more of our origin story on our About page.

We shared some of our signature treat catching photos and although you may not be able to get photos like this on your iPhone, we teased our learning session at the end of the presentation.

The video wall we used was massive. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice, but it was a thrill to see our photos and work so big!

We took turns talking about what we do, our fundraising efforts and how our company started. We’re very fortunate to get to do what we do everyday.

The space we used was in the atrium of the Carnegie Library and many people walked up to see what was happening.

After we finished telling our story, we mirrored an iPhone on the screen to give tips on how to get better pet photos using an iPhone.

You can see our tips by watching the Facebook Live we shared of the entire session.

Getting to share our story in front of so many people was a huge thrill and can’t wait to do it again!

We also have a Free Online Course where you can download video lessons to help you take better pet photos too.