6 Special Needs Cats Who Also Need Homes

6 Special Needs Cats Who Also Need Homes

Mary and I met these special needs cats during our trip to Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary is a picturesque haven for rescue animals, both in search of homes, as well as pets who will spend the rest of their lives there. Located in Angel Canyon in Kanab, Utah, this amazing Sanctuary is where we spent 3 days volunteering and taking photos of only a fraction of the 1,600 animals they care for.

We volunteered in both, Cat World and Dog Town. We spent our first day volunteering at Quincy House, which houses special needs cats. Some of the cats we met were incontinent and some were born without use of their back legs. No need to feel sorry for these felines though, they are well cared for and have adapted quite well.

Once the caregivers left for the evening, we set up our studio to capture the personality of these amazing cats. You can also see some behind the scenes video from our photo shoot on our Facebook page.

All of these cats are available for adoption.


“Zorro is super friendly with all people. He gets along with other cats, but mostly keeps to himself. Born around 2011, Zorro was found as a stray. He has a heart murmur, but it doesn’t affect him at this time. We don’t know if Zorro has ever had a home, but this handsome boy certainly deserves to have one.”


“Solarflare is very laid back with people and likes everyone to pet him. He ignores other cats unless they get in his way and then he smacks them. Born in 2012, he came from an animal shelter in New York. He is incontinent and requires daily expressing. His back legs are weak, but they are getting stronger with exercise. Solarflare is such a mellow guy that he would make the perfect companion for anyone who can handle his special needs.”


“Rogue is an adorable, playful kitten. She loves being with people and she is constantly exploring her surroundings. She’ll play with a toy for long periods of time, or she also just enjoys cuddling up on the couch. Rogue has a congenital hind limb deformity so she drags her back legs behind her, but that does not slow her down one bit! She speeds around looking for what she can explore next. She is incontinent and needs to have her bladder expressed, and sometimes her colon. Rogue was born in April of 2017 and came from a shelter in California. She can be overwhelmed with too many other cats, but does fine with just a few. She’s even playful with dogs. Rogue is a delightful little girl who is looking for that special home that can accommodate her needs.”


“Hermes is an absolutely adorable long-haired orange tabby, who falls in love easily. A little shy at first, once you pet his soft fur, he’ll be your best friend forever. Hermes loves to be touched and welcomes belly rubs. He’s also a playful youngster, who can’t resist catnip or laser light toys. And he likes other cats, too. Born in 2011, Hermes was found as a stray. His back end is paralyzed, so the poor kitty has to have his bladder expressed and has no control over when or where he goes. But his special needs don’t dampen his strong spirit or stop him from being a very friendly, sweet boy. Hermes would be so grateful for a home and someone special to love. Could you give him the chance to be your beloved kitty?”


“Melvin is a friendly boy who runs to greet you. He has the cutest little face. He is a sweet and cuddly love-bug and rubs on you for affection. A gentle and adorable lap cat. Affectionate and purry little love, he snuggles and cuddles with you! Come meet Melvin today!”


“Cory was born in May 2015 without the ability to walk with his back legs. But that doesn’t stop this boy from running around at the speed of light after his favorite bird feather or mouse toy! He has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), but that doesn’t slow him down, either! He can still live a long and happy life, and even live with other cats. Cory is super smart and is a wizard at doing food puzzles. Please consider giving a home to this purring lovebug.”