Global Pet Expo takes place every year at the Orange County Convention Center and had 1,164 vendors registered and 3,524 booths sold. This was their biggest show to date with at 45,000 square feet of show floor.

On the first day, we walked from end to end, which was half a mile and during the show, we walked just under 7 miles meeting our favorite vendors. You can see a time lapse video of our initial walk here.

The expo is not open to the public and we are granted access as a member of the press. This is our opportunity to highlight some of our favorite pet products. We couldn’t visit everyone, but these are some of our favorites.

Our goal was to find products that relate to responsible pet ownership.

If you end up purchasing one of these products, please let us know. As a disclaimer, a few of the companies are separately sponsoring our 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip. We are not compensated for a feature and do not receive any compensation if you make a purchase. We just love supporting follow pet businesses entrepreneurs.

Hands On

Some dogs hate bath time, especially shelter dogs who may have never been bathed before. These gloves have plastic nubs that massage your pet during bath time and also helps with shedding. Sadly, we recorded the video upside down for the first half, but stick with it, it’s worth it.

Nite Ize

We have featured Nite Ize in previous years and they are also a sponsor our 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip. They just launched rechargeable batteries for their LED products. They also have a compostable dog bags with a holster that lets you roll the bags back in if they fall out. Genius!


We have also featured KONG in the past and they are also sponsoring our road trip. They just released a new product called KONG Marathon, which gives your pups an extra treat to enjoy for an extended period of time.

Your Cat Backpack

This company caught our eye because when trying to transport our two dogs, Rigby and Bee and our Cat, Sierra, it’s been a nightmare.


Treatibles has also been featured on our blog before and they offer full-spectrum hemp oil products. We have used their products on our dogs, but now they have cat products as well. In the video, you’ll see kittens from the Orlando Cat Cafe using their products and it’s just adorable.

Music Mutz

While working at the shelter for 2 years, we constantly played classical music to help keep them calm over the loud speaker. This musical collar stays with the dogs and has a long battery life for those working parents. They’ve partnered with shelters already and we’re hoping to help them reach even more.

It’s such a thrill to see all the vendors in one place and this was our second Global Pet Expo to date. If you do end up purchasing one of the products we featured, please let us know.