If it’s Blue, this Adoptable Pet Could be for You

If it’s Blue, this Adoptable Pet Could be for You

We love sharing the photos we take of pets online and social media. With our now color, Blue Jean, it will be clear who is available for adoption. Our signature gray will still be used for private clients and Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers.

The goal of these photos sessions is to increase their chances of adoption as well as encouraging overall pet rescue.

Now that Mary is working with AGoldPhoto full-time, we’ll be volunteering and taking adoption photos on a regular basis. Taking adoption photos is how AGoldPhoto Pet Photography started, so it’s important to us to keep that going.

These 9 pups are available for adoption from Humane Society Sarasota County. We held a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser at their shelter in the evening and spent 2 hours before the event taking these photos.

You can learn more about them and Humane Society Sarasota County at hssc.org









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