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Dog Owners, Step-Up Your Pick-Up with Nite Ize Pack-a-Poo

Dog Owners, Step-Up Your Pick-Up with Nite Ize Pack-a-Poo

If you are a responsible dog owner, you’ve picked up lots of poo!

You may have also experienced ripped bags, unrolled rolls, faulty holster clips or forgetting poo bags all together.

We tested out the Nite Ize Pack-a-Poo on one of our recent walks with Bee and Rigby and really enjoyed using it.

The Pack-a-Poo has an S-Biner that lets you attach it to your belt loops for easy access and a special clip designed to attach it flush to the leash. Our previous poo bag holder would sway and smack us in the knuckles, especially if Bee and Rigby saw a squirrel! The cheap plastic clip would often break and cause the holder to fall and crack open.

To avoid bruised knuckles, we would carry the rolls solo. If you are as clumsy as we are, the roll would slip out of our hands and unravel. This happened way too often!

The Nite Ize Pack-a-Poo on the other hand, has a revolving center that lets you roll up any excess bags. This comes in handy, especially when you have your hands full with two dogs.

In comparison to discount poo bags, the quality of the bags that come with the Pack-a-Poo are paws down, much higher quality! The texture of the bag is soft to the touch and has a rubbery feel. We weren’t concerned the bag would tear and cause a hand full of poo. Not to mention, the bags are certified compostable! Your dogs can poo and protect the environment at the same time.

You can purchase a Nite Ize Pack-a-Poo via the Nite Ize website.

Disclaimer: This content has been sponsored by Nite Ize, but the opinions expressed here are our own. Nite Ize is also sponsoring our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip.