Why We Only Photograph Pets Naked

Why We Only Photograph Pets Naked

We’re often asked if we supply or allow props and costumes at our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers or private pet photo shoots. Although we don’t like to disappoint anyone, our preference is to photograph pets naked and that stems from our past experiences.

Our Roots

We learned everything we know about pet photography from our work at an animal shelter from 2013 – 2015. The goal of each adoption photo was to bring out the pet’s personality, to increase their chances at adoption. We didn’t want anything to distract from that and we carry that through to our pet photography to this day.

Our style, with the plain gray backdrop, was born because we saw other pet photographers using loud and distracting backgrounds and props. They also included people and the pets looked terrified. We wanted to create the opposite of that and ensure the pet enjoyed their photo shoot, which hopefully comes out in the photos too.

We also only offer gray because it makes our photos recognizable and it’s part of our overall brand.

We want to eliminate stress during the pet photo shoot

Putting a costume or outfit on a pet who doesn’t normally wear one can cause additional stress, not only to the pet, but to the owner too. The lights, sounds of the camera, other dogs and travel can be stressful as it is, so we try and minimize additional stressors that may affect the pet’s ability to enjoy the photo shoot. Pets also pick up on their owner’s stress and that causes even more stress for them and their owner.

Focus of the Pet Photo

When someone sees our pet photos, we want the focus of the photo to be on the pet and not a costume, prop or outfit. Our specialty is bringing out the pet’s personality in the photo and we want that to be the focus.

Sign Up Your Pet Photo Photo Shoot

We travel the country hosting Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers for animal welfare charities, which are mainly hosted at craft breweries. We also offer private pet photo shoots for pets who don’t do well around other pets as well as cats.