Dog Treat Catching Explained

Dog Treat Catching Explained

There are 3 types of dogs when it comes to treat catching.

  1. Dogs that are expert treat catchers
  2. Dogs that attempt to catch the treats, but fail
  3. Dogs that let the treat bounce off their head and hit the ground for enjoyment with little to no effort.

We didn’t invent treat catching, but we put our own spin on it to match our style. Our goal is to get the eyes in sharp focus and capture a moment that you could never see on your own.

During our pet photo shoots, treat catching is our favorite part of the session. Our camera has an extremely fast shutter, which allows us to capture the motion and emotion involved with trying to catch dog treats.

To give you an idea, the shutter speed we use for a dog who is sitting still is 250. Treat catching requires a shutter speed of 2,000+. Perfecting the camera settings, the lighting and having the right equipment is also very important.

If you want your dog to try treat catching, sign up your pup for a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser or a private pet photo shoot.  We host them not only in Florida, but all over the country.