2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip Sponsor Spotlight: Westcott

2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip Sponsor Spotlight: Westcott

Mary and I are still in the early stages of planning our 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip. Our month-long adventure will take us round trip from Tampa to Kenab, Utah.

Our goal is to photograph 200 pets and raise $7,000 for 10 animal shelters and charities. Why Kenab, Utah? Well, it’s home of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Located five miles north of Kanab, Utah, Angel Canyon, home of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and about 1,600 homeless animals is where Mary and I will also be spending 2 days, volunteering and taking photos. Volunteers go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary from all over the country and it’s billed as an amazing experience.

In order to make this trip possible, we asked a few of our favorite brands to sponsor the trip monetarily and Westcott couldn’t wait to support us.

Westcott is a professional lighting company and it’s who we use for all of our lighting.

I was first introduced to Westcott when a basic lighting kit was donated to the shelter I was working for in South Florida. The one light setup was how I learned how to take photos of shelter pets. Once I got back into pet photography after moving to Tampa, I purchased a $70 lighting kit from Amazon which fell apart in a month. I knew I needed to spend more money on something higher quality, so I purchased Westcott’s mid-level lighting kit.

After working with that kit for 6 months or so, I learned even more about lighting and realized I needed more power to get treat catching photos in better focus and less noise in the images. We currently use the Spiderlite TD6, which is a constant light, vs a flash or strobe light.

We can’t wait for our 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip and Westcott’s sponsorship will help defray some of our travel costs. If you or your brand would like to sponsor our 2019 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser Road Trip, please email adam@agoldphoto.com.

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