These 11 pups attended a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Humane Society Tampa Bay and while dogs can’t talk, we’ve gotten good at reading their minds. The event raised $420 for the shelter.

To get a good photo of a dog, it takes lots of patience, treats, a fast camera and it helps if you can speak dog. We host these events all over the country and they benefit a local animal shelter or charity at the same time.

Our goal is to bring out each dog’s personality in their photo and get that one of a kind expression that owners may not be able to get on their own. You can sign up for one of our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers at or check out our other Pet Photo Shoot Services.

“I only pretend that I don’t know how to sit” – Frankie


“Okay, I admit it, I’m the one who left the toilet seat up” – Wally


“Thanks for the new high heels, they were delicious!” – Miss Bella


“It wasn’t the cat who pooped in the house” – Prince


“They’re removing Friends from Netflix?!?” – Murphy


“I believe I can fly” – JuJu Bea



“I can’t hold my lick-er” – Moneypenny


 “I’m 100% cute and I know it” – Elia


 “I’m unimpressed with this dry cleaning job, they left all the wrinkles” – Bentley


 “Back in my day, dog treats were only a nickel” – Bella Princess


“Eeeexcellent…Excellent!” – Beaumont