Danny and Jamie aren’t having human kids, but they couldn’t bare not to have their dog Sadie at their wedding in South Carolina. The only problem is that they live in Florida and having Sadie attend the wedding was too logistically challenging. Sorry Sadie!

Jamie wanted to surprise her soon-to-be husband, Danny, with a life-size cut out of Sadie so she could be at their wedding after all.

If they had gotten married in Florida, they would have made the proper arrangements to have Sadie there.

A few months earlier, we took Danny and Jamie’s engagement announcement photos that included Sadie, so we had plenty of high quality photos of her. We’ve also done studio photos of Sadie, but those were all chest up and wouldn’t have worked well for a life-size cut out.

If Sadie’s cut out looks familiar, you may have seen one via the Shelter Pet Cut Out Project. We take full-body photos of shelter animals, make life-size cut outs and place them at local businesses to promote pet adoption.

A lot of couples are including their dog(s) in their wedding, but the logistics can be challenging. Anyone you trusted with your dog is most likely coming to the wedding. They would have to leave mid-wedding to drop your dog(s) off at home, which is where our friends at FairyTail Pet Care come in.  They take care of every last detail, so that your best friend doesn’t miss out on your special day!

Mary and I are getting married on March 1st and the jury is still out if our dogs, Rigby and Bee, will be in attendance. We had them come to our engagement photo shoot, which FairyTail Pet Care also helped with, but they got very excited and were challenging to settle down. We may opt for cut outs of them instead.

Jamie and Danny said the life-size cut out of Sadie was a huge hit at their wedding. Their guests were posing with her all night!

If you’d like to have your pet in your wedding, reach out to us for help with a life-size cut out or look into FairyTail Pet Care. Either way, your wedding will be unforgettable with a dog on the guest list.

Photo Credits:

Jamie and Danny’s South Caroline Wedding: amelia + dan
Our Engagement Session: Ashley Izquierdo