Booking a Photo Shoot for Your Pet is Not Weird

In 2014, I started working for the Humane Society of Broward County, simply to manage the website redesign and social media. How that role lead me to become a professional pet photographer in Tampa is a much longer story, but it’s how dogs all over the country are supporting animal welfare organizations and having photos taken that bring out their personality.

Your Dog is Missing Out if They Haven’t Signed up for a Pet Photo Shoot Yet

Shelter pets can be very challenging to photograph. It takes lots of patience, confidence and practice. While working for the animal shelter, my goal was to bring out their personality, to increase their chances of getting adopted.

Bringing out a pet’s personality remains my goal as I continue to take adoption photos for animal shelters and rescues. I also host Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers all over the country to raise money for various animal welfare organizations by taking photos of owned pets. Pets who require a calmer environment can participate in an In-Home Pet Photo Shoot too.

Our favorite places, outside of Florida, to host pet photo shoots are Colorado, California and Nashville.

It takes a special pet parent to sign up their pup for a pet photo shoot, especially with the advent of smart phones. During our Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers, we set up our gray backdrop, our studio lights and the majority of our events take place at a brewery or bar, so you can grab a drink while your pup is having their photos taken.

We’re Not taking Pet Glamour Shots

We like to photograph pets naked so the entire focus of the photo is on them. This goes back to my experience at the shelter. I wanted nothing to distract from the subject matter, which is the pet. We also take photos of cats, rabbits, birds, rats, guinea pigs, squirrels opossums and more.

What inspired my style were pictures of pets in costumes, busy backdrops, props and I found these to take away from the pet. My goal was to have the photos be recognizable, even if my logo wasn’t on it. My work has been featured in many local and national news outlets and we also have a few projects that  bring awareness to pet adoption through photography.

Pet Photo Shoots Aren’t for Every Pet

We meet lots of pet owners who think their pet will never sit still for a photo shoot, will be too anxious, nervous or don’t see the value in having their pet photographed professionally. We never force a pet to have their photo taken and we’re happy to provide refunds if a pet is camera shy. A lot of our reviews on Facebook are from pet parents who were skeptical prior to signing up, but once their pet was comfortable, they were extremely happy with the results.

Don’t let your pet miss out on an opportunity to have their photo taken for a good cause, you won’t regret it.