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Dog Photo Shoot Raises Money for Charity

Dog Photo Shoot Raises Money for Charity

Most dogs will do anything for a treat, especially pose for a pet photo shoot.

Since 2016, we have hosted over 200 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers for various animal welfare charities across the country and are about to surpass $100,000 in donations. Dogs are eager to get into the studio and once the treats start flying, their personality really shines! Not all dogs can catch treats though, but these 20 doggos were treat catching experts.

You can view our upcoming Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser event schedule to sign up your pup for a photo shoot. Events mainly take place in Florida, but we often travel to Denver, Boulder, Nashville and San Diego too.

We also offer private In-Home Pet Photo Shoots for dogs who don’t do well around other dogs or in public and we also offer Wide Angle Pet Photo Shoots too. The wide angle offers a goofy and silly perspective that really brings out your dog’s personality.

Our private pet photo shoots also include a 16×20 wrapped canvas print.