How To Incorporate Your Dog In Your Baby Announcement

How To Incorporate Your Dog In Your Baby Announcement

Having your dog help you tell the world that you’re expecting a baby is the newest trend. We got into pet photography because we enjoy taking photos of animals more than people, mainly because people care a lot about how they look on camera and animals, not as much.

The social media birth announcement is a must for expecting parents, but how do you incorporate your dog in your birth announcement too? Make sure you have lots of water and treats for your dog during the photo shoot. It can take time to get that perfect shot and you want your furry friend to be properly hydrated for the best smile.

Bring treats and toys to keep their attention. Being outside, out of the house, usually brings some extra excitement for dogs, so it’s important you can keep their attention.

It’s also helpful if your dog is comfortable being off leash away from you at a distance. We like to put the owners in the background and the dog in the foreground for the photo shoot, so the focus of the photo shoot is mainly on your dog.

If you’re considering having your dog in your birth announcement, and you would like our help, contact us.