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How To Help Your Pup Be Camera Ready 

The following guide will help ensure you pet has a successful photo shoot at one of our pet photo shoot events.

If you haven’t signed up your pup for a pet photo shoot yet, you can view our list of Pet Photo Shoot events at agoldphoto.com/events.

Before Your Pup’s Photo Shoot

– Arrive 5-10 minutes before your pup’s appointment

Car rides and new places can be exciting and over stimulating to your pup. Arrive early to allow use of the bathroom and to allow them to settle down.

– Bring a favorite toy and their favorite treats

We provide toys, treats and peanut butter but feel free to bring something your pet enjoys, especially if your pet has a food allergy or is easily distracted.

– If you signed up 2 or more pups, please bring a friend or loved one

It’s helpful to have someone with you to watch over one pup while the other is having their photo shoot.

– If you signed up 3 or more pups, you may want to consider an in-home pet photo shoot instead

We noticed that traveling with 3 or more dogs can rile your pups up and can make it challenging for them to settle down. You can learn more about In-Home Pet Photo Shoots at agoldphoto.com/inhome.

– If you can, please leave young children at home

While we don’t prohibit young children, it can be challenging for owners to care for their kids and their pup simultaneously. Please bring another friend or family member to care for them while you assist with the photo shoot.

– Bring a non-retractable leash

Retractable leashes are not conducive. A standard 6 foot leash is ideal.

– Please don’t bring outfits or costumes

We prefer the photos to be of just the pup. We want the focus to be all on them.

– Grab a Beer

If your pup’s photo shoot is at a brewery, feel free to grab a beer and take a load off. If your calm and relaxed, your pup will be too.

During Your Pup’s Photo Shoot

– Don’t feel the need to be a stage Mom or Dad

Each pup will react differently to the bright lights, sound of the camera and the silly noises we make to get their attention. Pups who are well trained at home may forget some of their tricks if they are stressed and in a new environment. Your pup will feed off your energy and it could take them time to settle down. If you’re calm and relaxed, your pup will be too.

– It’s okay to take photos and video of your pup’s photo shoot

We love when owners take behind the scenes photos and video, but please wait until your pet is comfortable and settled into the photo area.

After Your Pup’s Photo Shoot

– Share on social media

Please tag us on Facebook and Instagram with all the behind the scenes photos you took. Once your proofs are delivered, you can share that gallery online as well to ask for help deciding.

– Tell Your friends, family and co-workers

There aren’t many solely pet photographers who travel the country hosting pet photos shoots. Word of mouth really helps accomplish our mission of supporting animal welfare organizations across the US. We’d be happy to provide you with some flyers or business cards too.