I met Gomer and Millie at my Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for Suncoast Animal League at Crooked Thumb Brewery. They both were adopted from SPCA Tampa Bay and have the sweetest smiles. I asked their owner, Kristin, a few questions about them for the Pit Bull Picture Project.

How did they end up at the shelter?

Gomer was 1 year old, and neglected. He was under weight, covered in dog bite marks and bug bites that were scabbed over, with a bad ear infection. His paperwork said he should be an only dog. Their first meeting was love at first sight, and Kevin saw a sweet dog with nothing but love to give.

Millie was 11 months when we met her at the SPCA. We were told the owners were breeders, and had bred two pits with demodex, so the entire litter was born with it. When they were all turned into the shelter they were nicknamed “the hippos”, due to their sparse hair and swollen irritated skin. Our Millie also had an entropian (cherry eye). It took several months of treatment, medicated baths, and an eye surgery, but she is a healthy girl now with a big family who loves her.

What is your favorite part about owning two pit bulls?

Watching Gomer get to run and play with another pit bull is amazing. When we adopted Millie, and Gomer realized that he was a “big brother”, he was so happy. He loves having another dog his size to run around in the yard with, and they are the best friends. He truly is a gentle soul and has proven that he gets along well with dogs and humans of all sizes. Watching Millie transform has been incredible. Once she started feeling better, her personality really blossomed and she became more confident and carefree. They’ve been camping, boating, swimming, and gone on road trips with us, but their very favorite thing to do is pile on top of us and snuggle up on the couch for a movie.

What can you tell me about their personalities?

Gomer is a big goof ball who is always willing to meet new friends!! He loves to lay on his dog bed and bury himself in blankets. Gomer’s mission is to snuggle as close as he can to you, whenever he can- it was even written on his adoption paperwork and remains true.

Millie is the comic relief in our house. Whether it’s rolling off of the couch or bouncing around the back yard while playing with Gomer, Millie will put a smile on your face. She is such a gentle soul, and very maternal with our adopted small terrier.

What do you want the world to know about them?

Gomer and Millie rescued us! They make our family complete! Pit Bulls are loving, loyal, and have great big giant hearts. From our 3rd dog, an 8 lb little terrier, to our friend’s 4 year old daughter, our pit bulls seem to understand it is their duty to protect and be gentle with them. They are smart, strong, steadfast companions. They put a smile on our faces daily!




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