Cuda, a Short Spine Pit Bull Therapy Dog

I was introduced to Cuda through a mutual friend and I knew that I had to take photos of her for my Pit Bull Picture Project. I thought she would be extremely fragile, but that’s not the case. She’s like every other dog.

Cuda is one of  25 dogs in the world living with short spine syndrome.  Her owners used to think she was the only one and now Cuda is part of an elite group of other dogs living with it. Cuda is the only short spine dog in the world who is also a Certified Therapy Dog!

She is a survivor of a backyard breeder who sold her on craigslist for $50. Her purchasers had her for two weeks when her new owners met her.  She was an Animal Control Officer and they asked her to take her. People thank Cuda’s owner for saving her but she saved them.

You can follow Cuda on her Facebook Page.

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