I was walking in the lobby of my building and saw a Suds on Sunday flyer hanging on the wall. When I noticed they used a stock photo of a dog for their flyer, I immediately whipped out my smart phone and took a picture of it. I knew I could help them. The event was being held at Ferg’s Live Tampa, which I can walk to. It was meant to be!

Later that night, I went to the Vets4Pets website and contacted the event coordinator. I told her what AGoldPhoto is about and offered to volunteer to take photos. I could already picture the sudsy dog photos in my head and I knew it would help Vets4Pets educate the community about their mission.

Rain Rain Go Away

The Florida weather, let’s call it…frustrating, got in the way of today’s Suds on Sunday, but I was able to snap some photos before it started raining cats and dogs (pun intended) of a beautiful Husky named Akira.

Subscribe to the AGoldPhoto blog for updates on the next Suds on Sunday, which will be held in July. You never know, your pup could be featured on AGoldPhoto.com just like Akira.


AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_1

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_9

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_8

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_7

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_6

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_4

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_11

AGoldPhoto_Vets4Pets_Tampa Pet Photography_10
About Vets4Pets

Vets4Pets is a charitable referral clinic located at 5010 E Broadway Ave, Tampa, 33619. They serve clients with county vouchers and those referred from an approved human charity or HAHF member hospital. They provide annual exams, preventative care, spaying and neutering, microchipping,vaccines and education as well as emergency care. You can learn more about them on their website.

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