Last week, I shared a story about Koko, her parents Ben and Lisa and how Koko wasn’t rescued in a traditional way. Ben and Lisa own Modern Paws, a Pet Boutique located inside Duckweed Urban Grocery in Channelside and Downtown Tampa and this is the story of one of their other dogs, Mister.

Mister wasn’t wanted by his original owners and was dumped on the Howard Franklin Bridge heading into St. Petersburg. It breaks my heart knowing that someone would just dump a dog on the street because they didn’t want it anymore. Well, enter Ben and Lisa. They rescued Mister and he wasn’t even a year old yet, he’ll be one in about a month.

Mister and Rigby have similar energy levels as they bounced all around the studio. Rigby makes a GREAT assistant because he chases the doggy subjects and gets them tired. Tired dogs tend to pant, which turns into a smile. Thanks Rigbones! One downside is that Rigby gets TOO excited sometimes and pees a little, but I mean, who doesn’t pee when they’re excited! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don’t want your dog anymore?

You’re probably like, is that a serious question? C’mon now, I wish it wasn’t.

If you have a dog and can no longer care for it, no matter the reason, don’t just dump it on the street. There is nothing wrong with surrendering a pet to an animal shelter. You can also use social media to see if someone has room in their home. There are also breed specific rescue groups that can help as well.

Ohhh Mister, You’re So Silly!

Mister didn’t like the noise of the camera shutter, the squeaker or the barking and squealing noises I used to get his attention, but he sure loved the salmon treats his mom and dad brought for him. Rigby got some treats too, which his is reward for tiring Mister out for his photo shoot. Mister instantly came around when I brought out my secret weapon….peanut butter! His expression in the 3rd photo from the bottom says it all….

“This is awesome!”

If you would like professional photos of your dog or cat, ask about the July 4th special and contact me for your special photo shoot.

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_9

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_6

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_7

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_5

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_4

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_3

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_2

AGoldPhoto_Mister_Tampa Pet Photography_1


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