Loren and her husband visited Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in hopes of adopting a dog. They arrived a few minutes before the shelter was closing and on their way to the dogs section, walked passed the cat room. They noticed an orange tabby that followed them around the corner.

They got to the kennel room where the dogs were and quickly realized that they had all been claimed for adoption. As they were leaving, they walked by the cat room again, and that same orange tabby from earlier, was waiting by the edge of the window. He continued to follow them as they walked by. Loren noticed his piercing eyes and couldn’t stop talking about them on the ride home.

They looked up the cats available for adoption on the shelter website and saw the orange tabby. His name was Marvin. Loren’s husband went back to the shelter the next day to meet Marvin formally before work. Marvin must have made a good impression, because I think you know what happened next.

Marvin had been brought to the shelter as a stray and had grown into a collar that was placed on him. It left a ring around his neck and no fur was growing there. He also had ear mites and that ear is still sensitive to this day.

Loren and her husband didn’t adopt Marvin. Marvin adopted them!

Photos of Marvin












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