I recently started volunteering at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay on the weekends to take photos of their adoptable animals. I’ve been looking forward to publishing this post all week because I discovered this slider to easily compare the before and after photos. Pretty cool huh?

I’m really happy knowing that I can use what I learned working at the Humane Society of Broward County here in Tampa. If you are interested in any of these little ones, you can visit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay website for more information.

Photo Shoot Fundraiser

I am also excited to share that The Humane Society and I are hosting a Photo Shoot Fundraiser. You can schedule a photo shoot for your dog or cat and a portion of the proceeds will go to the shelter.

You can learn more about that fundraiser here.


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[twenty20 img1=”1607″ img2=”1602″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”1610″ img2=”1620″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”1612″ img2=”1598″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]

Bonus Video of Cece

A video posted by Adam Goldberg (@agoldphoto) on


[twenty20 img1=”1609″ img2=”1601″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”1608″ img2=”1597″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”1606″ img2=”1600″ width=”70″ offset=”0.5″]


[twenty20 img1=”1630″ img2=”1628″ offset=”0.5″]

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