Hector was adopted from Clay County Animal Care and Control (CCAC) back in 2010 by Ashley and Tyler K. Tyler didn’t grew up with dogs, but when he saw a Pug at a local arts market, he fell in love with the breed. Hey! Don’t hold Tyler’s lack of dog experience against him. I didn’t have a dog growing up either, but look at me now. I have a whole website dedicated to dogs and rescue animals.

Finding the Perfect Pet

Ashley and Tyler decided to look on PetFinder, a website that shelters and rescues can list the animals they have available for adoption. At the time of this posting, PetFinder has 258,884 animals available for adoption from over 12,000 adoption agencies.

When there are that many homeless animals, how can you not want to rescue or adopt one in need of a home? Also, as of this posting, there are close to 1,300 pugs available for adoption across the country. You can set up a profile so you are alerted when dogs that meet the criteria you are looking for become available for adoption. There are also numerous breed specific rescue groups that you can adopt from if you are looking for a specific breed.

Animals are the ones adopting you!

After seeing 2 pugs available for adoption at CCAC, Tyler and Ashley decided to go and meet them. After looking through the kennels, Tyler laid eyes on Hector, who was Skippy at the time. Tyler placed his hand under the cage and Hector laid his head on Tyler’s hand. It was love at first sight!

CCAC is a county shelter, which means they may hold the animals a few days just in case their original owner comes to claim them. Luckily for Ashley and Tyler, no one did and Hector immediately took over their couch. Rigby did the same thing when I adopted him.

Hector has brother Scout, who I also had the pleasure of taking photos of. His story is slightly different, but how they ended up together…well let’s just say…it was meant to be.

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