Cutie’s Rescue Story

Cutie wasn’t originally destined to be someone’s family pet. Can you imagine? Her and her sister were found next to a dumpster while, their human dad, Steve was living in Israel. Cutie and her sister were just a month old at the time and Steve didn’t think twice, took them in and cared for them. Unfortunately, Cutie’s sister passed away from an illness.

When it became time for Steve to move back to the United States, it was a no brainer. Cutie was coming too! Cutie now lives with her human family; Steve, Tamar and baby Eden in Tampa, Florida.

If you find a stray animal…

If you find a stray, you should be prepared with what to do if that situation arrises.

Proceed with Caution

Stray animals can be unpredictable. It’s important that you be cautious when approaching a stray because you aren’t sure what they’ll do or how they’ll react if they feel threatened.

Call for help

Contact your local animal control. If the stray is contained,  animal control agencies will come to you to pickup the animal.

Keep your own animals separate

If you decide to bring the stray home, make sure you can keep your owned animals separate. The stray you found could be covered in fleas, ticks or even have rabies.

Have it scanned for a microchip 

If you would like to try and find the owner yourself, you can take him or her to a vet, shelter or pet store and they’ll scan for microchips. Having your pet microchipped is an easy way of ensuring their safe return should they go missing. If you already have your pet microchipped (good for you!), make sure the information is up to date and account is up to date.

You can have your pet microchipped at the vet or local animal shelter, if they aren’t already.

Contact local shelters

If the stray appears to have been owned, contact your local shelter as their owner may have reported them missing.


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