Bisbee, formally known as The Archduke of Chugglesworth, was adopted by Dogma Pet Rescue located in Riverview, Florida. Bisbee had never had peanut butter prior to his photo shoot, but it’s my guess that it will make this week’s grocery list. 

Dogma Pet Rescue is an all-volunteer, all-pet rescue with an emphasis on rescuing mixed breed dogs (mutts!) in need. Dogma’s mission is to rescue good dogs, adopt them to the best possible homes and have fun doing it!

Bisbee’s Adoption Story

Bisbee was found wandering the street by a volunteer associated with Dogma Pet Rescue. His original owners said they didn’t want him anymore because he was ungrateful, but boy were they wrong. Bisbee’s smile and unique facial expressions don’t do his personality justice. He was so well-behaved, but that could have been a product of me bribing him with peanut butter.

His Mom also tells me that Bisbee enjoys taking his toys out for guests and laying them all over the house, chasing tennis balls and snoring (even when he’s not actually asleep). You and ME both Bisbee!

Rescue organizations like Dogma Pet Rescue do such great work. Their dedication and love for animals is what allowed Bisbee and his forever family to come together. You can learn more about Dogma Pet Rescue by visiting their website or Facebook page.

Bisbee’s human Mom shared the original Facebook posts about Bisbee and you can see the difference in how much happier he is now, compared to then.

Keep scrolling for Bisbee’s photo shoot.

Photos Courtesy of Dogma Pet Rescue Facebook Page

Bisbee Tampa Pet Photography 3 Bisbee Tampa Pet Photography 2 Bisbee Tampa Pet Photography 1

Bisbee’s Photo Shoot



Behind the Scenes at Bisbee’s Photo Shoot

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